Finding the Centre

Our new Online-Course

This course starts at the beginning phase of life in the world, learning what it means to ‘find our centre’ and our sense of boundaries and how to support this.

Comprised of practical and theoretical information this course will:

  • give you an introduction and overview of the Developmental Concept
  • focus on the developmental topic: Finding the Centre
  • introduce the concept of the Front Meridian-Family and the associated sensory-motor milestones of development and the developing meridians.
  • explore how handling can support development and offer optimal handling methods
  • consider some of the topics that may be associated with problems for this phase of development.

Comprehensive course notes and handouts accompany the online videos.
This course is hosted through Net of Knowledge.

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Who is it for

The Developmental Concept aims to broaden one’s view of development and to offer a new and unique understanding. You may be a practitioner working with babies and children, or have an interest in the topic of development. It is also accessible for interested parents and care-givers (such as grandparents), with insight into healthy development and practical support such as handling methods and tips for baby’s everyday life. Our online course offers a resource for both practitioners and parents, while ultimately supporting babies and their development.